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Introducing ProPure VEGELITE Plant-based Protein Powder: Your Path to Wellness

At ProPure Nutraceuticals, we are committed to revolutionizing the world of nutrition, and our ProPure VEGELITE Best Plant-based Protein Powder is no exception. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, our product combines the goodness of pea protein, rice protein, starch & its derivatives, Pepzyme Pro (a digestive enzyme and probiotics blend), Liposomal Multivitamin and Mineral Premix, and Liposomal Glutathione to bring you a powerhouse of nutrition in one convenient 2lb container.

Join the ProPure Nutraceuticals family today and experience the difference in every scoop of our VEGELITE Best Plant-based Protein Powder. Your journey to wellness starts here!


• Pea Protein: Sourced from premium peas, our pea protein is rich in essential amino acids, promoting muscle growth and repair.

• Rice Protein: Our rice protein adds a well-rounded amino acid profile and complements the pea protein, ensuring a complete protein source.

• Pepzyme Pro: A unique blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics that supports gut health and nutrient absorption.

• Liposomal Multivitamin and Mineral Premix: Ensures you get all the essential vitamins and minerals in one scoop, promoting overall health and vitality.

• Liposomal Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant that helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, supporting your immune system.

Sugar-Free: We understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, so our VEGELITE Protein Powder is sugar-free.

Delightful Flavours: Who said nutrition has to be boring? Our product is available in mouth-watering Chocolate, Mango and Vanilla flavors that make every sip a treat.

Manufacturing Excellence: Pro-Pure Nutraceuticals adheres to the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring purity and potency in every scoop.

R&D Innovation: Our product is a result of rigorous research and development, incorporating the latest advancements in nutritional science.

Stringent Quality Checks: We implement rigorous quality checks at every stage, from ingredient sourcing to final packaging, to guarantee the best for you.

Packaging: Our 2lb container is designed for convenience, ensuring your protein powder stays fresh and ready to use.

Mix one scoop (approximately 30g) with
250ml of milk or water. Stir well until the powder is evenly dissolved and
drink immediately.

• Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

What is ProPure VEGELITE Protein

VEGELITE is a plant-based protein powder enriched with essential nutrients to
support your health and fitness goals.

How does it taste?

delightful Chocolate, Mango & Vanilla flavors make it a treat to enjoy
every day.

Can I use it for weight

Our protein powder can support weight management when used as part of a
balanced diet and exercise routine.

Are there any allergens in the

product is free from common allergens like dairy, soy, and gluten.

Is it safe for children?

our product is safe for most adults, please consult with a healthcare
professional before giving it to children.

When should I take it?

You can
enjoy it anytime, whether it's post-workout, as a snack, or a meal replacement.

How long does a container last?

Each 2lb
container provides approximately 30 servings.

Can I mix it with other

Yes, you
can mix it with water, plant-based milk, or your favorite beverage.

What sets Pro-Pure Nutraceuticals
apart from other brands?

Our commitment to
quality, innovation, and well-being is what makes us stand out. We prioritize
research, manufacturing excellence, and your satisfaction

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I can see the difference in few days!!

I bought this combo product and I really loved it. The taste of real mango in Vegelite is very delicious, and it's made for vegans. I feel like drinking one more glass. It is helpful for gut health and its sugar free.

Highly recommended product

Worth every penny. Delicious, nutritious it's for vegetarians and anyone looking to add more plant based options to their fitness highly recommended

I'm glad, that I made a grt choice for my daily intake of the protein.

I order it regularly since more than an half a year Earlier I had gotten only chocolate flavor in plant protein of other brands which I didn't like much. This mango flavor is nice & refreshing. Also it mixes really well with water. All in all a good product.

I really loved the mango flavour

I was looking for plant protein. Bought by my friend recommendation and found it quite nice, taste, texture, mixing is good. Will recommend to have this for protein requirements. thanks lactonova for this mango flavour.

Best Product

It is my first Vegan protein and have been using it since few weeks. Not only does it provide a delicious and satisfying flavor, but it also offers a complete protein source that is easy to digest. I loved this product



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Daljit HanspalCustomer

High quality, top grade products.

Ajilal Bhaskaran
Ajilal BhaskaranCustomer

World class nutritional supplements